Word of the year 2015


Happy New Year!  Happy 2015    word of the year 2015

These words have never meant a whole lot to me, after all, it’s just a new day, one more from the next!  However this year ‘Happy New Year” has a whole new meaning.  It really translates to a fresh start, a departure from the past and moving forward.  Almost everyday over the last year someone has told me “it will get better,” and I can’t help but to question in my mind silently, “really?  it will get better?  when?”

For many years I have not made New Year’s Resolutions, but instead I have chosen a word.  This idea was shared with me by an old friend, Marna M.  Today while cruising through Instagram I saw a post, and while I don’t remember what it was specifically about, it instantly sparked me to think of “my word” and what I would choose for 2015.  In the past it’s taken several days to pick, but this year two popped into my mind almost instantaneously.  Drum roll please for the word(s) of the year 2015 ;


N E W   +   A B L E


N  E W for many reasons, new year, new adventures, new experiences, new friends, new love, new choices, new anything that crosses my path, I will say YES to.  (So if you’re getting married somewhere awesome, please reach out, I will most likely say heck yes to your adventure and capture beautiful images along the way!!!!)

A B L E, because I have learned that with the help of God, I am truly A B L E of anything.  I have found myself in a situation I never would have dreamed of, in the midst of all this, I have also found that I am completely A B L E;   I am able to be alone, I am able to be a single working mom, I am able to be content with these cards, and I am A B L E to accept a N E W life.  I am not ungrateful for all I have in my life, in fact, my life is entirely beautiful;  my babe, our pup, incredible friends and family, a stunning SLO county to enjoy everyday, I am eternally grateful.

I often say “for those of you who have followed my blog for some time” … This is for those who know me, who have followed my blog for years, who have witnessed the amazing miracles of my lifetime, whom I too have witness amazing miracles in your lifetime; those who randomly write me like Kim today, 10 years after her wedding, to let me know she’s praying for me and tell me an update of her sweet family.  I feel like I witness so many precious moment’s of a lifetime of my client’s, and the only way for them to be a part of mine (unless they live in town) is that they keep up with my blog, and so many of you choose to!!!!  I am grateful for each of you, and each of you to come.  Your friendship and encouraging messages are a breath of fresh air to me, they keep going, thank you.  May 2015 SPARKLE like no other!!!!


Ally, Pippy + Gunny


Special thanks to my brother in law for our cover image … you never fail to capture a beautiful moment when I hand the camera to you!  THANK YOU CHAD

‘word of the year 2015’

word of the year 2015 allyson magda
word of the year 2015 pippy and ally magda