Sunstone winery, santa ynez wedding

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Sunstone winery, santa ynez wedding

A wedding at Sunstone winery, a santa ynez wedding, always leaves me with a smile.  Kip and Sam’s day was no exception!  There was no place else I’d rather be than there on their day.  Surrounded by closest family and friends from all over the country to celebrate their love.  After 17 years in this business I”ve been to my share of weddings, it’s easy for me to recognize which couples “have it.”  It’s a little hard to explain in words what I can see so clearly when it’s in front of me.  These two were molded for each other, they complimented each other, they were completely lifted up and supported by their loved ones.

The Villa at Sunstone is one of my favorite locations on the Central Coast to photograph a wedding.  Backdrop locations abound in all directions, making my job easy!  Coupled with a bride and groom as photogenic as Sam and Kip and viola, no problema for stunning photos!  Thank you Sam and Kip for having me be a part of your gorgeous day!!!!  Cheers to your love and future together!  Allyson

The extraordinary designer and coordinator for this event was:  Taryn Leach, of Taryn Leach Events  She’s always SUCH a pleasure to work with!

sunstone-winery-villa-wedding_001 sunstone-winery-villa-wedding_002 sunstone-winery-villa-wedding_003 Sunstone-villa-winery-wedding-invites sunstone-winery-villa-wedding_005 Sunstone-villa-winery-wedding-groom

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wedding-couple-in-vineyard-Sunstone-villa-winery-wedding sunstone-winery-villa-wedding_037 sunstone-winery-villa-wedding_038 first-dance-wedding-couple-in-vineyard-Sunstone-villa-winery-wedding sunstone-winery-villa-wedding_040 sunstone-winery-villa-wedding_041 cocktail-hour-wedding-couple-in-vineyard-Sunstone-villa-winery-wedding horrah-Sunstone-villa-winery-wedding reception-wedding-Sunstone-villa-winery-wedding sunstone-winery-villa-wedding_045 wedding-reception-dinner-Sunstone-villa-winery-wedding mother-son-dance-Sunstone-villa-winery-wedding sunstone-winery-villa-wedding_048 sunstone-winery-villa-wedding_049 wedding-couple-in-vineyard-Sunstone-villa-winery-wedding wedding-couple-in-vineyard-Sunstone-villa-winery-wedding

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About Sunstone’s Villa and Winery, in Santa Ynez, CA

Tucked on the edge of the Santa Ynez River, in the heart of Santa Barbara Wine country, Sunstone Vineyards, Winery and Villa is a beautiful event destination that greets your guests with the delicate fragrance of French lavender and rosemary. Reminiscent of wineries in the Provencal French countryside, the courtyard and architecture create the perfect backdrop for your special Wedding.

As a small family owned and operated winery we book only a handful of weddings each year. Sunstone Winery also hosts events such as Rehearsal Dinners, Birthday and Anniversary parties, and Corporate dinners. Please refer to the Sunstone Private Events section of this website for the booking details as they differ from the Wedding requirements.

If you would like to visit Sunstone Winery for a site inspection or discuss the details of your wedding, contact Annamarie Kostura at (800) 313-9463 ext. 244 or via email her at events@sunstonewinery.com.

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