Huffington Post | The Day I Gained a Husband But Didn’t Know I Was Also Losing My Mother

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Huffington Post | The Day I Gained a Husband But Didn’t Know I Was Also Losing My Mother

Recently one of our brides had an article featured on Huffington Post; “The Day I Gained a Husband But Didn’t Know I Was Also Losing My Mother” It’s a recollection of her wedding, coupled quickly with the unexpected passing of her mom.  After reading her article thinking about it, and I just kept coming back to why we do what we do, and why people hire us to photograph the events of their lifetime.

The reason, is a little to do with the moment, and a LOT to do with the people present at the moment.

I didn’t know Stephanie’s mom, Blanca, other than meeting her on this one day, but I did notice she exuded a peace and quality of observation, completely in the moment and much calmer than most mother of the brides, she also evoked a slight sense of sadness.  Almost as if she knew this was a day to be cherished, having the honor of being by her daughter’s side because it would be one of the last they would spend together.  They say some people know when they are knocking on death’s door. Death is the one thing that should inspire us to live in the moment, and capture the moment, as often as we are able.

In this era of digital photography, we have a generation of the most photographed people in all time, yet we have a generation with minimally printed images. PRINT YOUR PHOTOS! Enjoy them!!! LET THEM BRING YOU BACK TO THAT MOMENT, filing your heart with the joy, the sadness, the FEELING of that moment in time.

Wishing this family peace in their grief, as most of us know, it’s a bit of a journey; when the sun goes down, the stars come out.

Huffington Post Feature, Images by Allyson Magda Photography

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