a true portrait…

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Ever since I started my photography business, my aim has been to capture people’s essence, a reflection of who they truly are, their spirit, and to tell their story.  Afterall, this is what a true portrait is.  Sometimes I get lucky and my subjects reveal this to me, other times, they keep their “portrait” face on.  This family has no problem showing their true colors.  Each year, I look forward to this family shoot, not only because of their charm and character, but because to me, they are an excellent definition of a family.  I think you’ll be able to see the love, respect and joy they share in these images, and to add to the story, the truck is a project Shane has been working on for a few years, and it’s finally complete!  He drives it everyday, how fun is that?!  The images where shot on a road they live off, basically their backyard.  Simply charming!

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