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Each year I pick a word.  I’ve done this for a few years now and find it really interesting how it works it’s way out in my life throughout the year.  A lot of times it’s a word I want to implement more in my little wonderland, and one word that keeps popping up for a possibility for 2010 is Authenticity.  I can’t help but to think it’s because it’s pretty important to be authentic in life, but also because I want my work to reveal authenticity of people’s lives and relationships.  I wonder how many people choose a word each year, I encourage you to do so….if you do, will you share it?

On that note, I bring you the Hawley Family!  I’m so truly blessed and honored to get to capture memories and moments for my friends and clients.  The Hawley family have an amazingly gorgeous vineyard {Torrin Winery} off hwy 46, and their wine, well, let’s just say it’s equally as amazing as the view!!  Their two boys, certainly have a chance of being models for lifestyle work or some sort of kids clothing, would you not agree?!


I love this first photo, because it’s slightly sureal, the boys, as big as the hill? and I love their plaid shirts!

paso robles photographer

central coast photographypaso robles family photographer

a 2009 all time favorite!!! LOVE this photo.

the end. central coast photographer





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