Pippy’s Playhouse at 2.25 years

CATEGORIES: Allyson Portraits

My babe, Piper Amelia, a true blessing from above, a pure light reflecting God’s goodness.  Every now and then we take a few minutes in the morning or afternoon or whenever I get the inkling  .. and shoot some casual portraits at home of what we do everyday.  It’s important to capture those “formal” moments, but reality consists of all those “in between” moments!!!!  If you’re a mama, you know what I’m talking about.  The white sweep was already set from a shoot the previous day so we decided to take advantage…. but as it goes, we ended up outside, where we spend a majority of our time.

Children are gifts from above.  I have been going through the darkest stage of my life to date over the past 9 months, and this little ray of sunshine keeps me going.  What a gift!  I never would have guessed I’d be where I am today, and I truly believe in God’s plan for my life, but without the “pipsqueak” things would certainly be darker and harder.  Thank you, my radiant child from above, it’s my prayer each and every day that God’s light which shines so clearly through her may be a bright light into this world, reflecting the love and glory we each have been given, if we choose it.

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