behind every successful business, is an incredible TEAM


Behind every successful business is an amazing TEAM.  These words are true to the core for my company.  A successful and prospering business can’t exist from a single person, it simply wouldn’t flourish.  I can hardly express (in words) the gratitude I have to this collection of incredible women.  If you’re a client you’ve probably had the joy of connecting with one, several or all of them at some point of our ‘business’ interaction.

In all honesty, since the arrival of little miss Pip, my world has turned upside down, in incredible, as well as heart wrenching ways.  Some of the best, and some of the worst days of my life have occurred over the past 2 years.  Because of these ladies my company still exists.  Seriously, if I didn’t have each of them, there might not be an Allyson Magda Photography still in operation!

With my entire heart;  THANK you, thank YOU, THANK YOU, and I LOVE EACH OF YOU!!! …..

Tina, Jill, (me), Ali, Ellie & Michelle


hot chick photography, named by our husbands LOL

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