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Dana Powers House wedding

This was not “just another wedding” for me, this was E L L I E ‘s wedding!!!!!  Some of you might recognize this beautiful bride.  Ellie has been working with Jill, Ali and I for over 5 years as a second shooter.  I’ve photographed Ellie and her sister for years, from her high school senior photos, complete with her their 80’s 240 Volvo “Gomer,” to her sister’s portraits, engagements, wedding, maybe one day some babies?!  Ellie was one of Piper’s first babysitters … when she was just itty bitty, brand new!!!

Ellie and her family, are like an extended part of my family, and it was such a PURE joy to be a part of her and Mathew’s day (yes, his name is spelled with only 1 “t”.)  It’s rare I completely break down at a wedding, but from the moment I spotted Ellie walking up to the venue with her hair and makeup all to perfection (thank you Rhonda!), I lost it.  Not to mention when her mom and dad walked her down the aisle .. I’d never been so happy to have a camera to hold in front of my face, as I wept behind it like a baby!!!

Mathew (with one T) and his gorgeous, sweet bride, Ellie, had the most perfect celebration.  Everything was just right, the weather, the light, the guests, the food, the awesome venue, just perfection!  Ellie and her mama put hours and hours into their details … as you will be able to tell.

I can’t thank you enough family for your sweet love, encouragement and prayers you’ve given me and our family over the years.  Celebrating another of life’s milestones with a family such as this is what keeps me going, such an honor.

Wishing you both a lifetime of joy, laughter and babies!!!  We love you with all our hearts.


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Dana Powers House and Barn  

Adornments Florals

La Barbera Sounda – Joe

Two Cooks Catering

Cake Cathedral


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