happy birthday to our fur child – sgt ‘gunny’ hwy

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* * *    FOR  D O G  LOVERS ONLY  * * * *

I’d never been an animal lover, EVER, until Sgt ‘Gunny’ Hwy entered our lives.  Dan had wanted a dog for a long time and I was pretty indifferent, but when he mentioned wanting a Jack Russell Terrier, I agreed.  After all JRTs, are smaller, but not so small they’re not like a “real” dog.   I supposed he or she would be manageable, maybe.  Little did I know I was about to get wrapped around this little guys paw for the rest of my days!

We adopted Gunny when he was about 12 weeks old, he was the runt of the litter, but had spunk, we thought he’d be a good match for us.  Fast forward 7 quick years and he’s still spunky, the best companion we could ever ask for and the BEST big brother on the planet earth! 

Gunny Hwy, you bring us so much joy, and love we couldn’t imagine not ever having you in our lives, can’t wait to celebrate you’re day this afternoon!   


In case you’re wondering where his name came from .. Dan named him (he names all the pets) … he’s named after the Clint Eastwood Character in Heartbreak Ridge, a classic. 

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