Orchard Hill Wedding, Paso Robles, CA

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Once upon a time, in a far off land, was the Paso Robles wine country.  It was filled with golden rolling hills, vineyards and barrels of wine.  In the midst of it all, laid a magical property, called Orchard Hill.  Arriving at Orchard Hill is like taking a step into an English or French countryside property, I would imagine (I’ve never been to either : )  The shady trees, vast lawns and quaint homes, clucking chickens, fresh smell of homemade baked goods, and an afternoon of leisure awaiting.  

Truly, I kid you not, this is what it’s like!  Debbie and Doug are wonderful and kind hostesses and allowed us to photograph this beautiful mock wedding at their gorgeous property.  They’re opening it up for weddings!  See the full feature on Style Unveiled!  Also, Emily and Fran’s wedding from a few years back.



Credit, where credit it due, undoubtedly … 

Production: Be Inspired PR

Floral Design: Laurel White from Adornments

Bridal Dress: Kirstie Kelly

Venue and Furniture: Orchard Hill Farm

Bridesmaid Dress: Jenny Yoo

Wedding Cake: The Cakery

Wedding Stationery: Zenadia Design


And a special SHOUT OUT to our models!!! THANK YOU ALL for your time and energy! 


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