out for a run … Randsburg, CA

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I hope you had a lovely Easter and Spring Break and that you where able to take some time and be grateful for this glorious planet, our Savior and our family and friends.  Dan, Piper, Gunny and I headed first to the Mohave for an annual desert trip and then on to Zion National Park for a few extra days of much needed fun.  The Saturday before Easter we took a ride out to Randsburg, a charming old Gold Mining town in the Mohave desert. I had heard of it before, but have NO idea what to expect …. I was truly delighted!

randsburg, ca

johannesburg, randsburg, ca

“end of the trail,” post office, randsburg, CA

ran into these boys while there …. Dan (my husband), Benny & Casey…and picked up a chipmunk along the way!

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