jaime + raaj … engaged in Paso Robles

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Jaime and Raaj will tie the knot this fall at one of my favorite venues along the Central Coast, Pt 16 in Big Sur. There is just something about it up there that is special, I know this might sound out there, but it’s almost spiritual.  Maybe it’s the ocean air and the trees, maybe it’s the laid back atmosphere of the people, maybe it’s just the lack of hustle and bustle of everyday, I LOVE it!  I could easily live there, or have a house there, who knows, maybe someday, I’ve learned to dream big, never hurts!

Jaime and Raaj share a kindred spirit of easy going and fun all bundled into one.  I was delighted to meet up with them before their big day.  They live on the left coast, so I had not yet met them in person, which is pretty common for my clients, but it’s still always a treat to connect before the big day.  Can’t wait for October!

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