Haley & Brett Engaged, Templeton Ca.

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     The moment I met Haley I felt like I was talking with a life long friend.  She is a first grade teacher and my sweet Megan is in first grade, so that made a bond between us right away.  Brett couldn’t make the meeting at the studio so I didn’t meet him until the engagemnt shoot.  Let me tell you, I see the spark between these two! Brett is a fun man that loves his lady every much!

    I decided to take Haley and Brett out Vineyard Drive in Templeton, Ca.   It is very dear to my heart.  My Grandmother grew up out in country of Vineyard Drive.  As we continued down the road we came to Hammer Sky Vineyard and Winery.  Brett loved the idea of a little wine tasting.  After a very warm reception at Hammer Sky, we wondered around the vineyard and enjoyed the beautiful sunset over the magnificent hills.   I came away from the day excited to have spent the afternoon with two extremely fun, happy people.  Thank you for the great afternoon, I am so thrilled to have met you both!

beautiful vineyard drive, templeton Ca. Hammersky vineyard

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