Cary and Chamberlain, Point 16 Big Sur

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Cary and Cam were lucky enough to be surrounded not only by the beautiful grounds of Point 16 in Big Sur, but by the beautiful bonds between their friends and family.  The family ties were sincere and heartfelt.  The speeches that Cary’s sisters gave made my heart melt and made me think how much I love my sisters and thank God everyday that I have them.  The camaraderie between Cam and his college buddies was not only hilarious but seemed to have a bond that would last a lifetime.

It was apparent why Cary and Cam chose Point 16 for their celebration.  Cam’s love for landscapes, incredible views (my favorite view was the cliff side open air bathroom) and the vast ocean and sky of California’s Central Coast.

To close this joyous occasion Cary and Cam danced the night away beside a roaring bonfire to the sounds of her fathers kick A band.

Congratulations Cary and Cam, you deserve all of the happiness in the world.


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