Casey and Teresa, Santa Margarita Ranch Wedding

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Coming from the Bay area Casey and Teresa really got to experience the Country Wedding Experience… Choosing the Santa Margarita Ranch sets the stage for the perfect “country elegant” wedding.  A sweet ceremony under a beautiful 300 year old oak tree.  An outdoor ceremony was the perfect place to have their sweet dog Layla beside them while they exchanged their vows.  A charming garden setting cocktail hour surrounded by knotty olive trees… then off to their sunset photos… an intimate stroll in a dreamy location, the open fields of the Santa Margarita Ranch.  Nothing but rolling hills speckled with picturesque oak trees.   Casey and Teresa picked one of the most romantic settings to spend the first day of the rest of their lives together.

This amazing country elegant wedding was made possible by the following people…

Of course Casey, Teresa, Family and Friends

But also…

Flowers: Adornments

Entertainment: Kramer

Food: Pacific Harvest

Event Location: Santa Margarita Ranch

Casey and Teresa… Live, Laugh, Love.  Cause when Casey makes you laugh, you have the prettiest smile. 

Bridesmaids Pretty in Pale Pink

Pale Pink, Cream and Green Flower Centerpeices

Santa Margarita Ranch Barn

Groomsmen at Santa Margartia Ranch Barn

S’mores Wedding Treats

Wedding Ceremony at Santa Margarita Ranch

Bride and Groom at Santa Margartia Ranch

Vintage Soda Pop and Stripy Straws.. Fun!

more S’mores

Stripy Straws and Wedding Bands

Santa Margarita Ranch

Santa Margarita Ranch

Santa Margarita Ranch Wedding

Santa Margarita Ranch Wedding

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