Cara and Kyle, Morro Bay Wedding Engagement Photography

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I had a blast shooting Cara and Kyle’s engagement photos.  They are such a fun loving couple who know how to laugh at life and just have a good time.  Kyle had this fun idea to “pick up” Cara on his motorcycle, and Turri Road in Estero Bay was the perfect spot.

I loved that Cara and Kyle picked their hometown of Morro Bay for their engagement shoot… I got to see their absolutely adorable house and sweet dogs  It’s nice to have personal connection to the location, that makes their photographs even more special.

I’m glad that Cara and Kyle decided to do an engagement shoot. For them and other couples alike, it gets them comfortable in front of the camera and that will make their wedding day photographs even more spectacular.

Thank you Cara and Kyle for the fun evening in Morro Bay, looking forward to shooting and celebrating your wedding day!

Turri Road, Estero Bay







The docks at Morro Bay, CA






 The docks at Morro Bay, CA







 Morro Bay Dunes

 Morro Bay Dunes










 Morro Rock, Morro Bay, CA


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