Cady & Russ… MARRIED! Wedding in Cambria, California

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After spending the day with Cady and Russ on their engagement shoot, I was sooo looking forward to their wedding day.  And it was finally here… March 20, the first day of Spring and one of the biggest rainstorms of the season!

I’ll never forget how strikingly beautiful Cady looked as she was sitting there getting ready.  She was calm and her bright smile lit up the whole room. She was sooo in love and thrilled to be marrying Russ on that day.

As the day went on it continued to rain and rain and yes, rain some more.

The way that Russ looked at Cady as he was about to marry his love, the room lit up once again.  There was no way that a storm of any size could have put a damper on this very special day.

These very sweet friends of mine have found love and I am so happy for them.  I was honored that they chose me to capture and to be a part of their wedding day.

Congratulations Cady and Russ.  May you live happily ever after.


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