kelly and christopher…. carmel engagement session

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You know you are blessed when your couple says the highlight of their trip to California was their engagement session!  It especially delights me when I get to work with couples who choose me, and I choose them.  I made it a point a few years ago to only work with couples who after meeting with them, I feel that I could be friends with them, afterall, we spend their wedding day together!!!!  I’m happy to say, most of my clients become friends in the end and have many couples who I’ve now been friends with for nearly 10 years!

These two, Kelly + Christopher were simply a delight to spend the morning with.  They traveled west from Texas to search out the perfect venues for their special day coming up later this summer and took advantage of their time by doing their engagement session while they were here.  As I got to know them, it was evident how much they care for each other (one might think, duhhh allyson, they ARE getting married …. but trust me after 11 years in the “love” business, I can spot couples who share a special connection)

Congratulations Kelly and Christopher, I am SO excited to hear the details of your trip!


Enjoy the images….a beautiful couple for sure!!…well, Kelly is beautiful anyhow, Christopher, you’re a great model and should consider inquiring at GQ! hehe..

carmel engagement photos

carmel engagement photography


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