stephanie + gregg…this shoot went to the dogs!

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Stephanie and Gregg will tie the knot next spring at one of my favorite venues, Santa Margarita Ranch.  We started out at Zenaida Cellars, who graciously let us use their beautiful property and then headed to the Cambria coast.  Little did we know we were headed for a bone chilling and breezy 50 degrees, coming from the high 90’s in Paso, it was a bit of a shock, to say the least.  So we quickly captured a few of the pups and split!  Can’t wait to finish up our session Stephanie and Gregg!

I love this shot…..if you’re a dog lover, you will likely love it to!

A little brotherly dog love….

and this one!!!!!!!  I believe this is a timeless capture!!!!  … notice how you can hardly even see the dog!

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