greenlee & laird, some of the cutest kids on the planet!

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I know, if you are a parent, you will beg to differ…BUT, if you just could meet Laird, you might be swayed in opinion.  There is something more than just how a child looks, and it’s how they act.  This can often overshadow their looks, instantly.  I had the honor of shooting Laird’s parents wedding, and meeting him at that time.  He walked in to my studio and gave me the biggest hug, he’s full of love.  He’s so sweet and well behaved, his name might as well be sugar.   I’m sure he has his not-so-great moments, because he’s human, but by far, this little man, is the best behaved, well mannered and smartest 3 year old, I have ever encountered in my 10 years of shooting families and kids!  Way to go mom & dad!!!!  I’m pretty sure it’s not just his nature, because Reese, their dog, was equally well mannered!  Can’t wait to watch Greenlee grow up and see her personality blossom!

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