Happy 4th of July!

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This year is absolutely FLYING by!  I guess it’s really true that things go faster the older you get.  Speaking of older, it’s my grandpa’s birthday today and my sister’s tomorrow ~ Happy Birthday!!  {pretty sure Grandpa doesn’t read the blog}  Tommorrow is our country’s birthday.

When Dan and I visited DC a few months back it was fun to learn more about the history of our country.  Relatively speaking, we are a very young country, but crazy how much history is there.  I thought this image would be a good one for today, it was the flag that inspired Frances Scott Key {1814} to write the Star Spangled Banner! They had it on display at the US History Smithsonian Museum.

4.20.09_washington DC_0087

star spangled banner flag


4.20.09_washington DC_0088


Also, I thought you’d enjoy some of my recent train series photos, these are from the Metro in DC.

4.20.09_washington DC_0047

4.20.09_washington DC_0041

4.20.09_washington DC_0049

metro dc photosI am a little behind in my posts, last week we traveled up to Napa for a very international wedding, which was super fun, can’t wait to share, I have a bunch of weddings, family shoots, engagements etc… I look forward to getting caught up and sharing the images!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!


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