Event Ordinance in SLO County…we need your help!


6.12.09 * UPDATE *  

CORRECTION!  I was informed now that the deadline is JUNE 30th!!! So print, date and sign TODAY!


Today I’m writing in effort to spread the news and gather support in opposition to an ordinance very close to being passed, which affects the wedding industry in San Luis Obispo County.  Most of the amazing venues I  have the opportunity to shoot at are Agriculturally zoned lands, this would include wineries, olive ranches, private ranches etc. 

The ordinance would prohibit weddings or any events to take place with more than 50 guests, without an overly expensive one time special use permit {$5000? per event or something like that} and would have a severe impact on the wedding industry in this county!  I honestly believe that San Luis Obispo County has SO much to offer bride and grooms and their guests.  If this ordinance passes, a large portion of our industry revenue will go elsewhere, likely out of our county.  So, if you are a bride or groom, or you own a venue or maybe you’re in the wedding business, I encourage you to download THIS LETTER, sign it and return it to me before July 30th.  I will get all collected letters to the Planning Commission on July 30th, when I believe they are going to vote on the issue.

Your time and support are sincerely appreciated!

All my best,



Here is the mailing address:

Allyson Magda Photography
7035 Morro Road Ste 202
Atascadero, CA 93422


And to spur you encourage your support, here is an amazing wedding photo, taken on an “agriculturally” zoned land!!!  Imagine, this blog, without these types of photos….

allyson magda photography

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