A much needed break…

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Dan and I visited Washington DC for vacation, to be tourists and visit a few of my cousins.  Good times!  We’d never been to DC, not even on one of those school trips, so we thought it would be fun.  It was, so much to see, and do.  Here are a few shots.  So many more, but I don’t have that much time to post them all!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I admit, I’ve gotten behind and then it feels overwhelming! but there are some super fun posts coming up, so stay tuned and thanks for visiting!


Jefferson Memorial was my favorite of the Memorials…it was so peaceful over there.

4.20.09_washington DC_0023 copy 4.20.09_washington DC_0024 copy 4.20.09_washington DC_0025 copy 4.20.09_washington DC_0026 copy 4.20.09_washington DC_0032 copy 4.20.09_washington DC_0061 copy
This is the foot of the 16th president of the USA….some big shoes to fill!4.20.09_washington DC_0066 copy4.20.09_washington DC_0077 copyThe flag that Scott Key wrote the “Stars Spangled Banner” after….

4.20.09_washington DC_0087 copy

Me and my cousins….Amanda & Charlotte


4.20.09_washington DC_0095 copy 4.20.09_washington DC_0096 copy

Tucker the dog….he was the softest dog I’ve ever met!

4.20.09_washington DC_0136 copy

my Danny boy


4.20.09_washington DC_0142 copy 4.20.09_washington DC_0144 copy

it was really windy on this day!!

4.20.09_washington DC_0146 copyThe National Cathedral was the best – so cool!!  Woodrow Wilson is buried inside and there is just a bunch of cool stuff to check out.


4.20.09_washington DC_0153 copy 4.20.09_washington DC_0165 copy

We even made it to a rally for Durfur…What’s a trip to DC without a little politics!

4.20.09_washington DC_0176 copy

I guess the guy who lives in this tent has been living there for like 30 years!  He lives about 25 feet from the White House lawn – government subsidized living at it’s finest!

4.20.09_washington DC_0177 copy


Arlington Cemetary – one place I wish we could have visited longer, but it was pooring rain, our umbrella broke, we were soaked, it was Beautiful, with a capital B!

 4.20.09_washington DC_0196 copy

4.20.09_washington DC_0188 copy



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