Defining life moments


Today is a sad day, but simultaneously an amazing one.  My Grandma “Dot” passed away this morning, and mostly, I am sad for my Grandfather “Papa John.”  Grandma Dot is out of pain and singing with the angels, and seeing our Savior, how absolutely incredible this is! 

When my mom called this morning, the thought that came to my mind was, “imagine, what she is seeing right now!” We recently started a book in our church group called, “Crazy Love” and the first chapter talks about who God really is, and wow, if we would only stop to ponder that thought a little more often, how transformed our lives and outlook would be!

It’s so terribly easy to get caught up in our day to day, here on planet earth, where the “important” things, are really superficial, and the truly important things, are often over looked or never even given the time of day.  I guess my point is; take the time to say the things you need to say, to the ones you love, everyday.  I’m far from perfect, but aim to live in a way that I will have no regrets, when it comes to people, and especially my family.  And today, on this very sad day, I rejoice, for life’s full circle, and for the moments we’ve had together.  I believe God would want us to celebrate these moments as well….so cheers to you Grandma Dot!


PS   Here are a few images Papa John gave to me last time I visited. Grams and gramps were married for over 60 years!

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