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Well, once again, I feel behind in my blogging!  I will try to be better next week, seriously I’m not one to make excuses, but WHERE does all the time go?  I have ooodles to share with you.  It’s already the middle of October, hard to believe, and tomorrow is my birthday, another year gone! the big 31, much less anti-climatic than last year! Enough of this, on to the fun stuff!

Toni and her family where an absolute JOY to meet and work with.  Rylie and Wyatt are little charmers up to their eyeballs, and their parents are OK too!  Toni picked this great spot, called the Power Station in old town Folsom.  So many locations, all steps within eachother, pretty awesome!  Thanks Toni and family for being so wonderful to work with

Another new all time favorite – seriously, I have been having such amazing fun lately with my subjects!!!

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