Martha Stewart Wedding book, featuring allyson magda photography

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Martha Stewart Wedding book, featuring allyson magda photography

Authenticity is one of my favorite characteristics in a person.  Martha Stewart is one of my heroes, not just for her crafty skills in the home, or even her “woman in business” model of running an empire, but also in her “human” capacity and owning up when she’s made a mistake.  To me, she’s way more of a “man” than a lot of “men” in business as proven by her actions and owning them, 100%.

When her company reached out to have some of my work published in her most recent book, I was completely honored.  To be in ANY of her media is truly a place I only ever thought I’d dream of seeing my work one day.  Thank you Martha for your exemplary model of being a woman of honor, a lady of the home, and SMART to boot! … bundled, like AT&T!  Can’t wait to see her next chapter.


You can purchase the book HERE  It’s her most recent wedding book, and first one in 20 years!

For twenty years, MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS has been the most sought-after resource for brides and grooms and their families. Brimming with fresh ideas, inspiring photographs, helpful how-to information, and much more, this award-winning publication is the trusted name in the weddings industry.

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