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Recently I had the opportunity to go on photo safari with one of my mentees, Jessica.  Jessica and I met when I was interviewing for a new studio assistant position several years ago.  She walked in to the studio, dressed to the T, interviewed well, I instantly knew she was my gal.  She was a child development major at Cal Poly at the time, with a love for photography.  I asked when she could start and she said anytime … she came back at 2:00 that day and the rest is history.

It’s funny how God puts people into our lives over time, and as we journey through the years, adventures help those friendships deepen.  This trip Jessica photographed Piper and I a few times and it was a good lesson for both of us.  I had the opportunity to work with her on composition and critique, and she had the opportunity to shoot as much as she wanted, and reshoot when her picky mentor held her to higher standards.

I’ve never really considered myself a good teacher, but I learned on this photo safari that a good teacher will hold their students to the best possible standard of whatever the skill they are honing.  A good teacher will make their student reshoot, and practice when she knows the student has the ability within to push towards perfection.

Jessica has an eye for beauty, and is beautiful, inside and out .. as you can see.  A few fun facts about these images …

1 – Miss Jessica made her black “swimsuit” out of an American Apparel bodysuit

2 – Miss Jessica decided she wanted a flower crown … so she went and picked some flowers and viola!

3 – Miss Jessica is single .. for my male readers : )

4 – You may recognize Jessica from a Spanish Colgate commercial, LOL, where she didn’t speak a word, and isn’t even Hispanic, but somehow landed that gig.

Jessica’s business is I Am Still Dreaming Photography

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Fashion Photographer blog
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