Kate and Luke, San Miguel Mission Wedding

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When I first walked into Katie and Luke’s wedding I was elated to see all of the details.  Not only is it super fun to shoot, but I really believe it adds the charm and intimacy of the wedding.  It was apparent that Katie and Luke put their heart and soul into the details of their wedding. The savory torte bar designed by Trumpet Vine Catering (which was a show piece to say the least)…. the sounds of the San Luis Jazz Band trumpeting in the background… the bridesmaids empire waist skirts handmade by thier mother… the backdrop San Miguel Mission… does it get much better? 

Then being whisked away by your photographer to get a bit of alone time. Katie and Luke got the opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle, stroll through the mission and relax a bit in the courtyard, a moment to breathe and absorb all of the moments of thier special day. The most amazing part for me, is that I get to photograph the love and expressions between a groom and his bride.

Thank you Katie and Luke for being such a sweet and adorable couple to work with.  



















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