As I finally stop to take a breath and look back, and forward, I feel so completely blessed. 2011 was filled with many many joys, and a few challenges. It’s been a significant year of growth, not only for our studio, but for me personally. There’re A LOT of people I have deep gratitude for, you are with me through thick and by my side in the thin. Above all, I am grateful to my Lord and Savior, who always loves, forgives, and challenges me with what He knows I am capable of handling. This makes for growth, and you’ve heard the saying before, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. I’ll take the first option thank you very much! Even after 12 years of being in the industry, I continue to learn, grow and venture into new territory.

Each year I choose a word. This year, the word is Balance, in a big way. Last season was the most successful year ever of our studio, despite economic times, and I thank our clients, families, my Dan, and the ever eager to be challenged Jill and Ali … you gals keep me “young” in the industry, and for that I can’t thank you enough. Because of the opportunity I have to teach you, you learn, and I learn myself and stay away from burnout and stagnation, that’s a true gift and I thank you! You each are a breath of fresh air!

In 2011 I had the awesome opportunity to use my gift to give back to the less fortunate children in our community. Children of the Central Coast was an awesome gift, to these children, and to my heart. Thank you for all those families who chose to set yourselves aside, and participate in generously giving to these kids.

I know it’s practically the end of January. I know this is late to write an inspriational note to start the New Year 2012 fresh, inspired and re-juvinated. It’s honestly taken me about this long to “recover” from 2011, reset my grounding and amp up for the biggest and busiest season ever. We are blessed, and I will not hide that fact, nor discount credit where credit is due. It’s not me, it’s all those indiviuals, couples and families who over the years have trusted me to their memories. I am forever grateful and I hope that this year may bless you, your families and that your spirit may be touched to ramble on, fight the good fight, do what is right, and stand up for what and who you believe in. You know who you are, and I could name each one of you, off the top of my head! Thank you for believing in me.

Watch out 2012, we are on track, and it’s a bit scary!

Yours and His,


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