Julianne and Kevan, Private Beach Wedding on California’s Central Coast

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I think Julianne and Kevan have the best love story.   Their story tells one of love lasting the test of time. During good times and bad, through separation and change, love finds it’s way home.  When I first met Julianne and Kevan in the studio I saw a spark between them. When there wedding day came those sparks turned into fireworks, they were soooo happy and soooo in love.  Kevan couldn’t stop looking at her and telling everyone can you believe this is my wife?!  Julianne looked at him with a twinkle in her eye… this was absolutely a match made in heaven and they were destined to be together.  My heart is filled with joy to see how good things come to those who wait.  With old memories and new, the future is bright. I was happy to have captured those memories of their wedding day, the memories that will last a lifetime.

Julianne and Kevan… May everyday be bright and sunny, enjoy the rest of your lives together!

Horse Drawn Carriage

Wedding Reception at the Cass House, Cayucos 







Groomsmen in Kilts 

Groomsmen in Kilts 




 Wedding Party




 Bride and Groom on the Bluff’s of California’s Central Coast



Cayucos, California

 Cass House Wedding Recpetion

 Cass House Wedding




 Cayucos Pier






Cass House Wedding Reception

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