katie + jonathan, young’s vineyard, Plymouth, CA

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Katie and Jonathan had the most memorable wedding day, I can say, perhaps in the history of AM photography!  It was a GORGEOUS setting, the decor was over the top with charm!  It was evident Katie and Jon put a lot of thought and time into their big day.  The guests arrived, the weather was questionable.  There was not rain in the forecast, and it had been drizzzling on and off.  They tied the knot and we did the family portraits…. and then it started to POUR!  It didn’t stop!

Their beautiful reception setup was sopping, but their guests were light in spirits and made it happen.  They quickly moved tables, chairs, and place settings to an overhang near the winery and the party went on.  Their wedding was just a reminder of what the wedding day is truly about….while we love all the pretty settings and details, it’s really about the people, who love you the most, who surround couples on their day of union to love and celebrate with them!  Congratulations Katie and Jon, I know you will have a lifetims of happiness and blessings!!!

Venue: Young’s Vineyard, Plymouth
Florals by: Natural Flair Custom Floral Design



first looks!isn’t Kaite beautiful!

I just adored their sweet cake!!!we actually got a sunset, after all that rain, and it was SPECTACULAR!!!

dancing the night away…..

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