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In about third grade I was in girl scouts and we had a leader named Mrs Dull…she was from Australia.  Alot of what we did in Girl Scouts was foreign to us because she would incorporate Australian cultural. As you might be able to imagine, as 8 year olds, we thought it was pretty weird!  Looking back, I think it’s awesome she was trying to get us to go outside of our little American girl world.  When Matilda’s mom called, immediately I was signing in my head, “Waltzing Matilda!” – which Mrs Dull had us perform at the Girls Scout convention – we had no idea what we were singing and thought it a bit weird, but none the less, her message stuck with me 24 years later!  Thank you Mrs Dull!!!

Miss Matilda wins, smiliest and most beautiful redheaded babe of 2011!  I’ve never had the opportunity to photograph such a beautiful blue-eyed redhead, she’s stolen my heart! I think you’ll agree….

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