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the ones you love, just how much you love them, as much as you can.

When things like the catastrophic devistation in Japan happen, life is quickly snapped into perspective for me.  Life…. what it is and what it is not about.  I never have thought of myself as a senitmental or the sappy type but as life progresses, I feel like my heart is more empathetic, softer and actually hurts when disasters like this happen.  OK, just had to walk away there with the tears already whelling in my eyes.  I guess it’s time for another “allysonism” post, which I’ve learned over the years, some of you actually enjoy, I am humbly grateful you find my words inspiring.

Last week one of our best friends dad’s pass away suddenly, I mean super sudden, zero notice.  Life tends to flash in front of you when events happen like that.  All of a sudden, I find the things that don’t really matter, fall away…. phone calls don’t get returned as quickly as they should, because ultimately, they don’t matter.  I want to spend all my time with the love of my life, work less and enjoy the things God has given us, that could come from nowhere else…..people, animals and nature.  Some of the things I find myself doing on these days; taking really good care of myself through yoga and prayer & studying God’s word, studying my favorite bible topic, end times, listening to the “get ready series,” the BEST sermons tying everything together on end times I have ever heard, and I’ve done a lot of these studies over the years!

I guess my question to you today is, if it were your last day, and you were able to know it, how would you live differently?  I’m pretty sure most of us would not spend our day behind a desk, and I’m pretty sure God didn’t intend us to do so, or why would he have created so much for us to enjoy?  Who would you spend your time with, and how?  If Jesus were to come back at this very moment, how would he find you spending your time & money?  Painful, I know, especially if you start actually looking at how we live here in the United States.

So, I’ll end with a few country song phrases….they do speak pretty honestly about life … Don’t Blink, What a beautiful life, Don’t break your back for a million bucks, and from the king of country, Johnny Cash….

There’s a man, goin’ round, takin’ names
And he decides, who to free, and who to blame
Everybody won’t be treated, all the same
They’ll be a golden ladder reaching down
When the Man comes around….

The hairs on your arm, will stand up
At the terror in each sip and in each sup
Will you partake in that last offered cup?
Or disappear into the potters’ ground?
When the Man comes round’

Hear the trumpets, hear the pipers
100 MILLION angels singing…..{can you imagine?!!!!}
It’s Alpha, and Omega’s Kingdom Come!

Tomorrow we celebrate our love of 18 years.  Yep, 18 years since Dan and I first started dating, we are so blessed, and probably older than you think.  We can only hope our love shines brightly as a reflection of the love our Lord has graciously shared with us, onto other couples.

On that note, I’m off to take Gunny to dog beach before all this crazy rain.

Dan & I about 18 years ago… {forgive the camera phone picture!}

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