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where to start with Natalie and Robert, such joy, sweetness, genuine love.  Natalie and Robert have had their fair share of joy, and tears.  Their wedding day was nothing short of an incredibly gorgeous celebration of their love and new life together.  Natalie came to me about a year ago and though we didn’t meet for over 6 months, I truly felt like I knew her from our correspondence.  She has such a great energy, and true joy, she was SO excited that their wedding day had finally arrived. 

I believe their wedding was as every wedding should be; focused on what’s truly important, the start of their lives together, not the details of the day.  Now don’t get me wrong here, there we beautiful details, but not overdone, they were not what was important.  Natalie’s mom gave one of the best toasts I’ve heard this year, noting that Robert was so lucky to be the “chosen” bachelor for Natalie, complete with the presentation of the last “flower” (I don’t remember what it was, but it wasn’t a rose, which made it pretty funny how it was presented).

The light – did I mention the light?!  God was a watchin’ over us that day, he blessed us with the most gorgeous light, possibly the best I’ve seen all summer, incredible!

Finally, I was having such a hard time picking favorites, I posted a bunch, because if I tried to pick, I’d spend so much time choosing, I might as well have just posted them all! 

Thanks for reading, and CONGRATULATIONS, Natalie & Robert!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, joy & blessings!


Florist: Adornments

Venue: Adelaida Cellars

Coordinator: Sarah with Hostess at Your Service

Photography:  Allyson Magda Photography – duhh!

Minister: Don Aaronson


I adored her shoes….

as well as the gorgeous bouquets!!

Natalie was like a party waiting to happen, nothing affected her, I love that in a bride!



one of our amazing assistants shot this, way to go Ali!


I simply could not get enough of this incredibl light!  we were so blessed!!!


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