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Kara and Nick…I photographed their intimate and wonderful wedding celebration about 5 years ago, in Cayucos.  They are such a fun, creative and easy going family.  When I found out they had Cruz, I was so excited to meet him.  He’s just the perfect combination of their sweet personalities and creative spirits, mixed up in a two year old’s body!  Full of energy, wonder and short attention span, we had a lovely time photographing their family in Santa Margarita.  Just had to share these! 

Kara and Nick own a specialty Nursery in Cambria, called GROW….if you love succulents, this is the place to go! Check out their site, or better yet, visit them in person! 

This photo makes me smile!  Bunnies all over that day, and Cruz just giggled and chased them, super cute!!



I just ADORE, this photo of Cruzer’s mom and dad…


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