my secrets to contentment…

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This world is so material driven, well, at least in our country we are bombarded, daily by things we should have or need or want.  Recently I read a post on Facebook questioning why everyone always wants the next best thing, or bigger, or better car, clothing, house, computer or whatever that next “thing” may be, and then the comment asked if anyone is just happy with what they have?  I think I might have been the only person to say YES!! I am truly content with what God has given me!!!

I’ve long been called the Pollyana of my entire family – and it’s a big family.  And it’s likely because I have been an optimist, basically forever.  But I do believe deep inside, that contentment is a choice, so I thought I would post about it. Here are my top 5 secrets to contentment……

1. Focus on what you DO have, not what you don’t have.

2. Be generous, with your money and your time….

3. Be optimistic, always seeing the glass half full, everything happens for a reason right? and sometimes it ends up better than we could every have imagined!

4. Be grateful, we are truly blessed, even just to live in the USA

5. Realize, that being happy deep down inside, does not come from things, it’s a choice we make, everyday.

And to round things off…a landscape of the beautiful central coast!


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