lucky in love…

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Recently I was working Stephanie and Rob’s wedding album and I came across one of my favorite images from2009.  To me this first image particularly is wonderful….all the feelings it makes me relive of that moment, the joy, the happiness, the fullness in the air, the breeze, the clinking of glasses, the laughter and smiles that support the couple from behind.  All these feelings will last a lifetime because they trascend from one image, prett cool!!!  (to see their full post, you can go HERE & ALSO HERE)

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, full of all the good things in life…because there’s too many, not to enjoy them each day!



PS   On a side note, if you are looking for me on Sunday, I’ll be in a box seat watching the Laker game, next to Jerry Buss, so watch for me!!! haha…

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