cambria bridal shoot…not what you’d expect!

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I am SOOOOO excited about this season, I can hardly contain myself!  Kacy is getting married in just 1 short week in Cambria.  She’s had the leisure of staying in an AMAZING beach house for a few weeks before the wedding to relax and prepare for the biggest day!!  I had the opportunity, thanks to Rhonda Johnson (hair and makeup) to do a pre-bridal shoot with Kacy the other day.  I rarely do these, mostly because bride’s don’t typically request them.  But I must say, it was so much fun, completely stress free and easy going.  I would highly recommend this to future brides, if you get the chance.

So while we were shooting Kacy was telling me how she has a “thing” for cemetaries, and I can kind of see why.  They’re really peaceful and quite, and I suppose the dead might get a kick out of some entertainment occasionally, which they certainly got on this day.  Do you wonder, what it will be like, after this earth?  As most of you know, I have a strong believe in Jesus Christ, and therefore believe in Eternal Life.  Sometimes I have a hard time thinking about what it will be like, because I like my life so much here, I couldn’t imagine it being much better, even though I know it will, in undeniable ways….

Enjoy these images and your weekend!  Stay tuned for Kacy and Kirk’s undeniable, over-the-top, amazing wedding!  Featuring a star line up….

All Traditions by Taffy Gonzalez

Camilla Burns Floral Designs

Santa Rosa Chapel (a charming venue)

Chef Charlie

And, of course, Allyson Magda Photography

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