“your future lies in your past”

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Several years ago at WPPI, I was listening to Marcus Bell, whose work and philosophy I admire.  He said “your future lies in your past.”  I really had to think about that one.  Today, I can most certainly say I live it, everyday.  Part of the reason I am a successful photographer is because of my past…..my history, with my clients.  If you want a secure future, you can ensure it everyday, by the way you treat people and work with people and of course, all the while producing a quality product!   I’ve seen it over and over, not only in my life, but others, and both directions…. 

As I was finishing up choosing photos for 2009 for our personal albums, I came across this photo.  My goal {at some point in time} is to put together either a series or book of these images I’ve taken over the years…The Rearview Mirror Project

This shot was taken on hwy 46 east on our way to Vegas in 2009.



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