Caring more, caring less in 2010

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back from the blog hiatus! {I did not spell that right in one try}

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there!”  one of my key quotes in life….

I’ve always lived my life with the approach of “no regrets,” I don’t ever want to regret not doing something I know I should have, whether it’s spending time with someone important to me, or saying something that needs to be said, or not going out or doing something that I know I should have done just because it was too much work.  I want to look back at my life and have it meant truly meant something….across the board, in my personal life, in my professional life.

This time of year is always full of reflection and focus for me.  Things finally slow down a bit, I get to go into the studio later in the morning.  I usually pick a word of the year, as I’ve mentioned before, and this year is the same, but different all in one.  So many exciting things are happening, but also a lot of sadness I am sensing and see, and my heart really breaks for a lot of people, while simultaneously is so deeply thankful for all I have been blessed with.

For 2010 my mantra’s is “care more and care less” Care MORE about those who truly are important to me and show it by how I use my time and energy, and for me personally, doing more of the activities that make me happy, regardless of circumstance…..gardening, biking, hiking, taking Gunny to dog beach, and going fishing {even though I really don’t care for fishing, but Dan does! and he likes my company and I like to be his company}.  Caring less, about what people think and what people are going to think.

It’s funny how we work each so individually.   The other night I was telling Dan about this little saying I had been thinknig about and he was like, “really, I don’t give a rip what people think!” {generally speaking} and I truly need to start living a little more like him, dare I say reckless, in a safe way, of course.  Afterall, we’ve all got only one life to live right!?

The other words I’ve was considering for 2010 are Balance and Authenticity, geesh, I am really having a hard time narrowing it down this year!  But after writing this, I’ve come to realize, if I “Care More, Care Less,” these other ones will fall into place….bingo, watch out, 2010 is going to be fabulous, because I choose to make it fabulous….what do you choose?

And because a post without a photo, on a photography blog is no bueno…..here’s a few photos of our trip to New Mexico to see my dad for his 60th birthday in November….love in action, livin the dream

My dad and I…

Dan and Ally…forever….

sad day for this little guy…..but he was delicious!

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