Andi + John … templeton

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Andi and John were such a joy to meet and photograph!  It’s always so great to me, when a couple chooses to do an engagement session.  It’s the perfect time to get comfortable in front of the camera, and get some great photos of yourselves in more casual (non-wedding) attire.

When we were planning their session, Andi kept mentioning how she liked Rachel and Noel’s engagement photos with the beach cruiser on the beach, which was totally fun, but I really try to not repeat the same session twice, because honestly, if you’re not keeping things creative and different with each shoot, you’re not growing as an artist!  So she mentioned John is a semi-pro bicyclist – and well, BINGO, let’s play on that.  I truly feel like a portrait should reflect a couple or person, props included when possible!  So there ya, go, hope you enjoy!

Congratulations you guys!!!



a new favorite image for sure, LOVE it!

And Heart Hill……

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