Stork Kids, 2009! Carmel photographer

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Well, the Stork certainly didn’t mess around when it came to kids in the actual “Stork” family…they have FIVE!  This is the third for fourth year I’ve photographed the kids, it’s so much fun to watch them grow up!  They have the sweetest of families, you can tell their home is filled with love, encouragement and extreme order, which is fantastic, hats off to mama for sure! 

The challenge for me when shooting 5 kids in one family, is to get ONE photo, where they all look good, aren’t goofing off and have sincere expressions.  I think this year, we nailed it in this shot!. …

carmel photographerTeddy….he’s grown up so much since I first met this family!

carmel photographer kids

Aren’t the girls beautiful?

wedding photography carmel

This year they had a special surprise for me, Pebble! their newest addition, a little Maltese…..you know my affection for dogs, so he got quite the spread in this years shoot!

carmel pet photographer


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