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“In my world, the books would be nothing but pictures.” ~ Alice


I’ve been blessed to be married into a wonderful family.  Dan’s grandma – Wilma {aka, Wilhamena, Billie, Grams} has been a big blessing our all of our lives, she’s brings spark and sizzle.  She’s an extraordinary YOUNG 94! and still kickn’ strong.  She and Char {my mother in law} came to visit this week for a few days.  What I’ve learned over the years from Grams is this;

Don’t be afraid to have fun, regardless of your age

That whole saying, live life, love deeply, laugh often, or something like that, it can help you live to be 94

Have faith and study the word of God

You have to spend a little, to make room for more, on a regular basis.

Make the best of all situations, afterall, we don’t really have a choice sometimes

Stand by your man…no matter what

Know God has perfect timing…in all things

Happiness is a choice

How to make potatoes pancakes and the best pot roast!

Try to forgive, even when it’s really hard.

Using Jewish curse words is really fun and makes one laugh.

You’re never too old to learn new tricks

Have a blessed day!



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