ohhh happy happy day!


If you know me well, you know I’m slightly obsessed {in a healthy way} with our Jack Russel Terrier, Sgt “Gunny” Highway. He can do no wrong. Well, maybe it’s not so great when he runs through poison oak in the gully in front of our home, “Gunny’s Clubhouse,” but other than that, he’s as Apostle Peter was to Jesus, to me.

Today is his birthday! He’s 3. It’s pretty darn hard to forget his big day, when it’s the first of August, in our house, nothing ever happens in August {except vacation!} so it might as well be his celebration right?!

In honor of this big day, I’ve debuted the awesome “Allyson’s Wonderland” illustration put together by incredibly talented Amanda Chronister! I’d saved putting it up until today, as I thought it was most appropriate.  While I don’t think a whole lot of explanation is needed, let me anyway….

You’re in Allyson’s Wonderland…..A slice of my life, personal and professional, and Gunny is our White Rabbit. This is my way to spice up the blogging world, just a bit. Since Gunny assists me at shoots, is THE studio dog, and is the big hit around our building, I just though it appropriate to make him such a prominant position.

Since I have the weekend off {yeah!} we’ll be heading to the beach today for a nice runabout where ever the little prince chooses and wrap it up with a bonfire, with all his best buddies…..he’s extremely popular in the dog world.

Thanks for reading, i hope your weekend is as wonderful as mine is going to be!

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