a preview – corona del mar engagement session

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Sara + Marty = Delightful!  that about wraps up this post!  

Just kidding, I’ve been having one of those days….I basically had three things to do today, got to the studio and my internet was down – of course the internet company’s website was working – but that’s all…..I don’t hate much of anything, but today, I hated Charter Internet.

Since all the items on my list where internet based, in my frustration I moved to process towards things on the list that were for later this week, Sara and Marty, at the top of the list.  I had the divine pleasure of shooting their engagement session at Crystal Cove beach this weekend, it’s between Corona del Mar {where my mom lives} and Laguna {where they live}.  What amazing light we were blessed with!  Bye the way, it’s not legal to shoot there if you are a professional, good thing we are just “friends!”  They will be tying the knot this October at an amazing venue, which also is illegal to have weddings at – I guess they have a common thread – they are rebels!  Anyhow, we had a blast. i cannot wait for their wedding.

My day is getting better, now I’m off to do what I do best!  Photography …. sweet little ones with their parents! good stuff, I am blessed.

xo am


PS I guess this house in the background is the backdrop they used as the movie “Beaches” house….it’s quite a bit smaller than I recall in the movie!  not to mention dilapidated!


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