Eden and Aaron | San Francisco Engagements

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Eden and Aaron are at the top of my fun list for this season.  Cady and I met up with them, after a mid-week Napa wedding, to shoot their engagement photos around the city.  I just love San Francisco, and I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who grew up there, until Aaron.  It was kind of cool having him drive us around, firstly because I know officially know parking is not just a detriment to us tourists, but also to locals, and secondly because he knew so many fun facts!  It was like riding with a talking history book!

For our locations Eden and Aaron choose several spots.  We went to the Legion of Honor, Embarcadero where there is this market place they like to go food shopping, the cooking store – on a whim – Aaron’s a chef, so this seemed appropriate, then we headed to the bar where they first met.  whew! what a day!  Good clean fun….enjoy!


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So on our way into the city, Cady, was telling me all about how every time she goes to SF she wishes she could see the row of houses from “Full House” you know “the ones with the park across from them” – I kind of remembered.  On our way back to Eden and Aaron’s house, our tour guide extrordinaire, Aaron, casually mentioned the row of houses where Full House was “filmed” as we drove by.  I thought Cady was going to lay an egg!  We had to stop – here’s her proud moment of fame!

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