baby Riley…

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If you’re a regular reader, you probably are asking yourself if I shoot weddings anymore with all these babies!  I do!  {no pun intended} but have been so busy processing eveything I haven’t posted any!

Baby Riley was baby #2 in the “Week of the Babes”  The stork had a busy week the first week of April – in our circle of clients and friends – there was a baby every day for 4 days in a row!  So here’s her big debut, Little Miss Riley with proud mama Jennifer and papa “Crazy” Scottie, who happen to be our accountants.  Talk about “prime time” delivery, the week before tax season ends!  Her actual due date was April 14th, I tell you, this kid has timing!!!!

Scottie and Jenn have been invaluable friends and business advisors – if you are in need of tax advice or business advice in general, I can’t recommend them enough!  It’s crazy how sometimes, situations appear a mountain to the one standing in front of it, but ask for advice from someone sound like Scottie and it can turn into a molehill instantly!

Enough work talk, here’s the fun stuff……

atascadero photographer

There’s a hidden message in this next one, I bet you can figure it out! hahaha  poor kid.


little Riley has a wonderful mommie – she’s so blessed!

and one CRAZY daddy!……

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