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Memorial day 2009…

Today is a day of gratitude for those who have given us our freedom.  I have a heart of gratitude for all those soldiers and veterans of the past, present and future.  Honestly without them, we would not have the life we live in this free {for now} country.

4.20.09_washington DC_0053

This is a little off topic, but did you know there is a bill going through congress and senate which is slowly stripping away our right to bear arms?  I’m not a radical gun activist, but I do believe our founding fathers thought it was important to be able to bear arms and that right is slowing creaping through to making it illegal.

Check out this site to read the bill for yourself.   http://www.opencongress.org/bill/111-h45/text As a result of the action taking place, bullets are literally being sold out!  Dan went to purchase a couple of boxes and they were sold completely out!!!  Take note, this is certainly an issue that demands some attention.  To learn more you can visit the National Rifle Association’s website.

Now hopefully you don’t think I’m some crazy gun lady!

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