Happy day

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Today is Dan’s birthday!  Wow, it’s really crazy to think how fast time goes by.  Dan and I met when we were young – he was at my 14th birthday party!  It’s been a party ever since…  I think he got the best present for his birthday – he won first place in his fishing tournament on Saturday, with his partner Mike.  Since fishing is his favorite thing on the planet, what more could he ask for?!  Here are a few photos from last weekend, ocean fishing, which turned into a delicious fish fry!

I’ve been experimenting with my new camera’s video feature, which is totally fun, but I am super shaky most of the time!  My mom, Ruby and Jack {my niece and nephew} visited this wekend so we decided to hide when he came home….kids idea…and I turned on the video, we didn’t know they had won…the video is pretty funny, I added some stills to it too.  And since Ruby likes Fergie, I thought it was the perfect choice in music…hope you enjoy!



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