Ashley and Trent, central coast photographer

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Ashely, Trent and Chloe! Some of our very good friends.  They helped me out with a project several months back and I promised them a photo session…and since Trent’s hair finally grew out long enough for the shoot, we ventured out last weekend! Isn’t Ashley beautiful?  I certainly have a new “go to” for a model when I need one!  and yes, Trent you did a great job too, haha!

OK, so these images are very Santa Fe to me….would you agree?  Event though they were shot at a mission…which has a little New Mexico feeling to them.  I think this just shows how important clothing choices are.  Take it from me, I’m certainly no clothing expert! but am very aware of how much clothing affects the overall feel of a shoot.  So, if you’re scheduled for a shoot, take special note, scour the blog for the best dressed kids, families and couples, I bet you’ll see what I’m talking about.  But most important would be to wear clothes that reflect you, as an individual, don’t go putting on an outfit that totally doesn’t fit who you are….Ashley and Trent really do dress like this all the time!

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some beautiful light was found!….

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